5 things to know about Eiffel Tower

It is in Paris in a place called Camp de Mars. It was named after Gustave Eiffel, an engineer from a company that designed and built it.

1. The purpose of the tower

The tower was built for many reasons. The primary intention for the designing and construction of the Eiffel Tower was for World Exhibition, also referred to as Paris Exposition for 1889. It was to commemorate the Hundredth year anniversary of the French revolution in Europe. The revolution was a crucial event in the history of France which made an attempt to get rid of dictatorship kind of leadership and create a democratic system of administration.
The people in France and even the government officials insisted on having a Hundredth year anniversary. Many thought of different ways of making it more special for the purpose of improving the greatness of Paris and the country in general. A large number suggested that construction of beautiful buildings would be the best way to do the commemoration. Different engineers, all over France, came up with a variety of designs that would change the face of France and improve it. Of all suggestions and ideas, Gustave’s design, on Eiffel Tower got approval from many as it caught most people’s attention.

2. Its Structure

The tower is among the tallest structures ever built in Paris. It is 1063ft tall and 324m in height. In comparison with a story building, it would be an 81 story one. It has a square base that measures 410ft, that is, 125 metres on each side.

3. Levels of the Tower

At the ground level, there is an information desk meant for any inquiries. The first floor is transparent which offers an incredible view. The second floor has buffets, souvenir shops, and even a cash point. These features are also found on the first floor. The top floor has window glasses and provides the best viewpoint for the city.

4. Visitors

Since the tower was opened officially, it has recorded the highest number of pay visitors as compared to other towers in the world. It has an unprecedented number of 7 million visitors, most of whom are foreigners.

5. The Sparkling Tower

The tower is a real piece of artwork regarding its light display. A unique and beautiful feature here are the 20,000 light bulbs installed which sparkle from nightfall to 1AM. The downside is that it is illegal to take photographs of the light display of the tower as it is protected under the copyright law.

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