What are the best day trips from Paris

The Top Six Day Trips from Paris
Paris is the city of lights as it is famously known. The city has numerous beautiful places for one to see. Even more spectacular are the historical and magnificent sites one can visit during the day. The following are some of the day trips that are guaranteed to make your stay in Paris memorable.

1. Disneyland Paris

Are you taking the trip with your children or grandchildren? This is the ultimate destination for your children. Here, one can experience a real Disney-like experience through the amusement parks, recreational parks, restaurants, and much more. To get to Disneyland, one can simply take public transport or get there using a car.

2. Notre-Dame de Reims

This place is just a 45-minute journey with high-speed trains from Gare de l’Est. This historic building is famously known as the place where 33 French Kings, including Charles VII, were crowned. The building is covered with breathtaking statues which include a smiling angel. Additionally, the area is also famous for the champagne caves where people get to taste the champagnes.

3. Giverny

For the lovers of nature, this is one destination to look out for in your choices. The attraction site is the home of a renowned impressionist painter known as Claude Monet. This garden is famous for the beautiful Clos Normand garden, water garden, Japanese bridge, water lilies as well as the various flora and fauna attractions.

4. Versailles

This is a must-visit place for anyone visiting Paris. This historic attraction comprises of a spectacular garden, the Marie-Antoinette’s estate and the Grand Trianon. It is one huge destination, so for one to enjoy the guided tour, one is advised to create adequate time during the visit. The place is accessible by bus from Eiffel Tower all the days of the week except Monday.

5. Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Also known as the ‘Royal Town’, this place lies in the suburbs of the city of lights. One can get there by train from the city centre or take a 45 car-drive. Historically, this is the place where monarchs spent their lives and died. During a visit here, one gets a chance to walk in the beautiful streets and enjoy the delicacies.

6. Vaux-le-Vicomte

Southeast of the city of lights lies this historic attraction built back in the mid-17th century, being built by Superintendent Louis XIV. The landscape showcases the artistic and architectural work of Louis Le Vau.


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