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NYBB in the NYT!

Clyde Haberman (photo: NYT)

Read Clyde Haberman’s review of the New York Bound Books site, “A New York-Centric Bookstore Is Reborn, in Pixels,” on his New York Times blog, THE DAY, where he writes:

A Web site like this “cannot offer the serendipity and aura of rare books and fine bindings, or the face to face exchange of shared passions and ideas,” Ms. Cohen said in an online essay setting forth her goals. The Web, however, can perform all sorts of marvelous tricks for seekers of information. “Most importantly,” she wrote, it can “reconnect passionate readers and writers of New Yorkiana who frequented the shop.” . . . One thing never changes: In pixels or in print, the city itself is the star attraction. It possesses a gift that transcends technology.

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