New York Bound Bookshop: The Closing Chapter

New York Bound Books at 50 Rockefeller Plaza

New York Bound Bookshop at 50 Rockefeller Plaza

There’s no turning back the clock, but one way I always tried was by visiting New York Bound…with its passing goes one bookstore in which we could find, if only for an hour, what we have lost since bookstores lined Fifth Avenue.  The city, no less than its customers, is left with a hole in its heart.                                 

—Frank Rich, The New York Times, June 29, 1997

Stoddard Corner Bookshop in Hudson, New York is honored to offer the stock of New York Bound Bookshop and selected volumes from Barbara Cohen’s private collection to a discerning public– large holdings of New York material, as well as books on books, art, European history, and a significant amount of ephemera.

The story of Ms. Cohen’s distinguished, forty-year career as a respected bookseller began and fittingly, concludes, in Columbia County, New York. In the early 1970s, her late husband, Myron, converted a toolshed on their Gallatin property where Ms. Cohen specialized in old, rare, and out-of-print books, maps, prints, and ephemera about New York. In 1976, New York Bound Bookshop moved to South Street Seaport’s Fulton Market, then to West 54 Street, and finally, with business partner Judith Stonehill, to the Associated Press Building lobby at 50 Rockefeller Plaza.

BG-Letters to PhilDuring the early years, the New York Bound Bookshop played a vital role in the completion of the popular Anderson Isometric Map of Midtown New York and published four books about New York—from a rare 19th century manuscript to the reprint of a fascinating 1932 book about New York—including Letters to Phil: Memories of a New York Boyhood 1848-1856 by Gene Schermerhorn with a foreword by Brendan Gill.  She also co-edited Trylon and Perisphere, a book about the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and a compilation of literature and art of New York entitled New York Observed, published by Abrams. After New York Bound Bookshop closed, Ms. Cohen and Ms. Stonehill worked together to bring about reprints of E.B. White’s Here is New York, Tony Sarg’s 1927 portrait of the city renamed New York Up and Down, Charles Lockwood’s seminal Bricks and Brownstones, and the Milos Sasek’s beloved classic Here is New York.  Over the years, Ms. Cohen has served on the jury for the New York Society Library’s awards that honor the best books about New York as well as the Small Press Center, a non-profit organization to benefit small press publishers.

Stoddard Corner in Hudson, NY

Stoddard Corner in Hudson, NY

After the bookstore closed in 1997, Ms. Cohen began assembling a bibliography of books on New York using the knowledge she gathered over her forty years devoted to acquiring antiquarian books and printed matter about New York and advising authors on little-known works.  This research resulted in the launch of a website,, that offers obscure and invaluable bibliographic data on New York City, with editor Yukie Ohta at the helm.  Ms. Cohen’s interests have also recently evolved from bookselling to showcasing “Biblioarte,” works that celebrate books as art and art as books.

Join us as Barbara Cohen and New York Bound Books close the final chapter where it all began—in upstate New York.


June 22 – 23 & June 29 – 30, 2013

11 AM – 5 PM
Ms. Cohen will be present.

Stoddard Corner Bookshop
757 Columbia Street
Hudson, New York 518.478.3660

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  1. susanna cuyler’s avatar

    Lucky Hudson/Stoddard as Barbara Cohen’s books are unrivaled. We met via
    SmallPressCenter, 20 w 44 through twenty years of annual book fairs. Nota bene
    Marshall Brooks’ Paperback Isle covers demise of nyc book stores and has one
    chapter about B.RUGGED books Est. 1975. My new york city books’ are now an
    archive, info at

    Thank you Barbara Cohen for all your efforts civilizing New Yorkers.



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